The Transformative Opportunity of Pay-for-Performance

Everywhere you look, there are signs that healthcare is in the midst of a fundamental change.  Some of the signs include rapid advances in evidence-based therapies and practices, the implementation of electronic medical records, the emergence of “big data” as a source of clinical inspiration, and new payment models being piloted across the country.  There are many more signs, big and small.  While exciting to those of us passionate about “fixing” healthcare, most of these massive shifts in healthcare are happening at a glacial pace.  At PinpointCare, we hope to accelerate the shift in coordinated patient care by harnessing the transformative opportunity of pay-for-performance.

Care is delivered how it is incentivized.  We see this as a simple truth.  Fee-for-service has influenced the delivery of care for decades, and now pay-for-performance will have its day.  This won’t happen immediately, and many wise organizations will prudently “hug the downward curve” of fee-for-service.  We understand those realities, but also want our customers to prepare, excel, and lead in the emerging world of bundled payments, accountable care, and patient centered medical homes.  And make no mistake – you cannot survive in those payment models without effectively coordinating patient care beyond your four walls.

At PinpointCare we know care coordination is a really tough problem.  Improving quality while controlling costs across multiple venues is the goal and also the problem.  Truly achieving successful patient outcomes is hard enough within the hospital.  What happens when the patient leaves for an extended session at a local skilled nursing facility?  How is their home health provider helping to reduce their risk of readmission?  Is the rehabilitation partner maximizing reimbursement or maximizing their efforts for the patient?  All of these questions need to be answered in an accountable care world.  Good care coordination requires workflow and communication tools that transcend any one healthcare organization, or any one provider network.


Coordinating Care by Design.


Communication is the basis of coordination.  Whether face-to-face, over the phone, through digital mediums, or bio-device collection --receiving data points through communication is the fuel for efficient coordination.  At PinpointCare we believe all of the patient’s network, not just the provider’s network, must contribute for care coordination to work.  With the implementation of the Accountable Care Act (ACA), for the first-time, people have choices in their healthcare.  Providers will increasingly need to accommodate the care venue choices of their patients, and rightfully so. 

PinpointCare’s solution doesn’t discriminate based on care venue type, affiliated network, EMR preference, physical location, or balance sheet.  Our solution is not financially punitive for the smaller, yet critical post-acute providers.  With just an internet browser, our cloud-based platform will connect all of the patient’s network regardless of the provider’s network.  This communication through the entire continuum of care is what makes PinpointCare so powerful.  A care coordination program will now have complete, real-time information on the status of its patients.

Of all life situations, when is communication more important than in matters of health?  At those times we need to connect with family, with friends, with care givers.  These connections are at the heart of healthcare and we have invested in making those connections easy and supportive to the process of getting patients well.

At PinpointCare a robust, multimodal communication platform is built into the foundation of our platform.  One-touch communications between patient and the entire care team is the goal.  Our platform doesn’t dictate the mode of communication; it supports text, e-mail, push notifications, analog line based on your preference.


We see caregivers and patients, overwhelmed and distracted by the volumes of data and confusing processes in numerous healthcare IT systems and patient portals.  The connection between physician and patient is lost as impersonal technologies become the core strategies for improving patient engagement and repairing an eroding trust. The core of trust is an agreement, and right now there is no agreement, only drop-downs, tabs, and forcing functions. The level of noise is alarming in today’s systems and we must find a way to rise above it and focus on what matters.

Providing personalized care plans is the core of what we do at PinpointCare. We begin with a standard protocol (configured for each customer), and with the involvement of the patient and expertise of the clinician, that protocol is personalized into a wellness agreement between patient and provider.  This agreement, a care plan, is the best tool to bring patient and provider together and engage others involved in the patient’s care.  And now care coordination can be achieved with a treatment plan based on clinical evidence, mutual understanding, and trust that the plan will work.  PinpointCare’s platform allows the patient and provider to define a path to wellness in a manner that isn’t buried in a specific EMR or patient portal.  In a world of one-size-fits-all care, PinpointCare offers providers a connected, personalized care plan for each of their patients.

…by Design.

Healthcare is full of complicated problems.  Our team is passionate about creating solutions that simplify the complexity.  Good design is about more than aesthetics, colors, and fonts.  In healthcare, good design is about safety, efficiency, and patient engagement.  The unfortunate truth is that design has never been a priority in healthcare technology.  The impetus has been to cram as much information as possible on to the computer screen.  At the time it may have seemed reasonable, as the concern was that the clinician might miss something. But then, bold colors and type fonts were layered on top of a screen overloaded with critical information.   Everything on the screen is deemed important.  And when everything is important, nothing is important.  This creates inefficiency and a real safety concern.

At PinpointCare our designs create a more intuitive solution, and a more pleasing technology experience.  We’re not trying to present all of the information.  We want to present the right information, for that particular user, for that particular workflow, and with a degree of sensitivity to what a human can consume.  We want to convey the message with the least visual noise. 

With an emphasis on design and user interface resources, our team is creating patient-centered tools that treat patients as consumers with the power of choice.  Rather than banking on the hope that patients will be required to use our solution, we are creating tools they’ll be delighted to choose and come back to again and again. In an emerging world of patients acting like consumers, not designing solutions they’ll love is a poor strategy.  Design is not an afterthought at PinpointCare – it's the glue of our platforms that creates stickiness with our users.

Coordinating care by design is the promise of PinpointCare.  We do this by enabling a connection between patient and provider, bringing patient and provider together through a personalized care plan, and respecting that a user’s experience with technology matters.  Connection, personalization, and experience is our approach to the challenge of care coordination.  We are very excited to share this approach with you.