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Who Doesn't Deserve a Plan?

I believe there is an innate, fundamental satisfaction in having a plan and executing it. I also believe that when you involve others in the creation of a plan, the plan becomes even more effective. The plan now represents a public arrangement and trust between the creators, and accountability is known and shared. Plans can be powerful. Plans serve as the launching point for success and failure. I’m not sure everyone shares my enthusiasm for a plan, but then again, not everybody has it as part of his or her actual name.

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The Transformative Opportunity of Pay-for-Performance

Everywhere you look, there are signs that healthcare is in the midst of a fundamental change.  Some of the signs include rapid advances in evidence-based therapies and practices, the implementation of electronic medical records, the emergence of “big data” as a source of clinical inspiration, and new payment models being piloted across the country.  There are many more signs, big and small.  While exciting to those of us passionate about “fixing” healthcare, most of these massive shifts in healthcare are happening at a glacial pace.  At PinpointCare, we hope to accelerate the shift in coordinated patient care by harnessing the transformative opportunity of pay-for-performance.

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