Sep 9

2016 Accountable Care & Health IT Strategies Summit

PinpointCare is a silver sponsor of this year's Accountable Care & Health IT Strategies Summit from Healthcare IT Connect. Joel Splan, CEO, and Dennis O'Donnell, EVP of Business Strategy, will be attending along with Melissa Way, Care Navigator at Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center. 

1:30 pm13:30

Free CJR Webinar: The Early Bird Gets the Upside

Many provider organizations affected by the CJR mandate have adopted a “wait and see” approach. With already full plates, difficult off-cycle budgeting, and over leveraged staff, this may seem like the only course of action. That’s a risky approach though, with the “at risk” date of October 1st looming. In this webinar we’ll share how one organization was able to get ahead.

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1:30 pm13:30

CJR 301: Connecting the Unconnected – Care coordination is critical for CJR success

Join us next Tuesday to learn more about how to build a successful program under the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) Model. This is the third and last webinar in our CJR series. The webinar will be presented by Dr. John Cherf, Chief Medical Officer, PinpointCare and Dennis O'Donnell, Vice President of Business Strategy, PinpointCare. 

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