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A New World of Bundled Payments is Upon Us: Are Hospitals Ready?

Healthcare Informatics interviews PinpointCare CEO Joel Splan on value-based care, bundled payments, and hospital readiness. 

In July, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) continued its bold endeavor into the world of value-based healthcare with an announcement that introduced a mandatory bundled payment for care for heart attacks and for cardiac bypass surgery.

HI: What was your reaction to the proposed new models that expand mandatory participation in bundled payments?

JS: Well, I am excited since I am in the business. When the CJR mandatory bundled payment model was announced last July, that was exciting because everyone was feeling the downward [shift] from the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement [BPCI] initiative, and was wondering what was next. People were too excited though; what people thought would be a bull rush into CJR was more of a slow trickle. For organizations trying to help providers with value-based care, they thought there would be all this activity due to the penalties that would be in place, but providers haven’t really latched onto it. In some cases with large academic organizations, you’re talking about a million bucks here or there, and I just don’t know if it has hit their radar.

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