What we do

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Services and technology to help you succeed under value-based care


With PinpointCare, you can develop your value-based care strategy, then use our custom technology to connect the patient with their entire care team, including physicians, caregivers, and the post-acute care network. Our SaaS solutions are lightweight, flexible, and easy to implement. Choose one part of the PinpointCare solution or optimize your results with our entire range of services and technology.

  • Use our data and analytics tools to understand your patient population and optimize your partnerships.

  • Stratify your patients by risk to ensure each patient receives the correct level of care.

  • Leverage your post-acute care network to keep your patients on track and reduce hospital readmissions.

  • Improve efficiency by implementing a decentralized care model.

  • Customize our technology solutions to enhance your workflow, while saving time, increasing value, and improving patient care.


We are
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The shift to value-based reimbursement from fee-for-service is gaining momentum, as CMS and other payers test diverse alternative payment models for episodes of care, chronic conditions, and even primary care. At PinpointCare, we bring our core principles to each of our solutions:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly design
  • Personalized care for optimal outcomes
  • Lightweight, interoperable technology solutions
  • Customized care models
  • Collaboration with clients and strategic partners
  • Smart analytics for even better results 


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Our Solutions



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Care Coordination

The call center model of care coordination is outdated and inefficient. We can help you leverage your network so you can focus on the highest risk patients while your partners manage routine care transitions. PinpointCare's mobile and web apps streamline communication for the entire care team, while surfacing the information you need, when you need it.

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Program and Care Model Design

Whether episodic, chronic or wellness, we help design your care model and workflow to optimize outcomes and improve value for you and your patients. PinpointCare’s value-based design methodology identifies key value points and discovers more effective and efficient processes to achieve goals and improve outcomes.


Workflow Optimization

PinpointCare's mobile and web-based applications optimize your workflow by surfacing the information you need, such as readmissions, patients who are 'off-plan', and tasks you need to complete. We use interactive dashboards to give you a snapshot of your patient population, whether you are a care coordinator, physician, or post-acute care partner.

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Stakeholder Alignment

It is difficult to effectively transition to value-based care without cooperation from the entire care team. PinpointCare’s design services team works with you to build strong connections with your network, through shared incentives and clear expectations. Physicians and post acute care providers are partners and should work with you, not against you, in the transition to value.

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Patient Engagement

PinpointCare's patient tools allow for customizable system notifications, data gathering tools, and bi-directional communication for both patient and provider. The patient is vital to successful care, so give them the tools they need to be informed and educated. By engaging the patient, you can dramatically improve care coordination across the care continuum as well as at home.

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Reporting and Analytics

We partner with a top analytics firm to help you analyze your historical data, including financial information, physician and post-acute partner performance, and risk factors. When you incorporate PinpointCare's care coordination platform into your workflow, we also leverage the near real time data from the platform to report on your program performance and progress goals with a 1-day lag.