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Patients, Providers, and Physicians

We serve hospitals and medical groups who have implemented value-based payment models, such as bundled or episodic payments. We serve providers participating in Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and commercial bundled payment programs, such as Bundled Payments for Care Improvement and Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Practice Advance. We serve the patients and physicians who are at the center of value-based reimbursements.

Whether you are managing episodic or chronic conditions, our solutions are built to scale - for your bundled payment program or your Accountable Care Organization.



Value is not just about savings;
Put the patient at the center of your value-based care initiative.

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The patient is vital to successful care, so give them the tools they need to be informed and educated.  With PinpointCare, you can engage with your patient every day, dramatically improving care coordination across the care continuum as well as at home.


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care plan

Our risk algorithm is a proven method for determining the best post-acute care pathway for each patient. However, we know that each patient is different and that risk scores aren't one size fits all. We offer recommendations but the ultimate decision is yours.

Patients are sent their care plan as soon as it is personalized. The plan can be sent through e-mail, secure SMS text, or through PinpointCare’s mobile application.  The care plan can also be shared with the patient's family, so they can help keep the patient on track to a quick recovery.


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care team

Using secure messaging tools, patients can contact their personalized care team with questions about their care or updates about their health. The care team will be notified so they can respond to the patient right away, especially in the case of unexpected complications.


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You want your patients to have an excellent experience, both with your team and with your post-acute care partners. With simple, quick survey tools, patients can provide immediate feedback to their care team and physicians.  Whether it's a quick survey on the skilled nursing facility they just left, or feedback on interactions with the care team, PinpointCare collects the data.


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Every patient is different. Set achievable goals based on risk level, then follow up automatically using PinpointCare's free mobile app. We believe in engaging the patient to improve outcomes; patients should know that their care team is beside them as they progress through recovery or manage a chronic condition. 




Our providers are partners, working together to achieve better care.

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We offer a full range of services and technology for providers transitioning to value-based care. Our clients are our partners in developing custom care models and technology solutions; we are the experts on value, but you are the expert on you.


developing your
value-based care

Whether episodic, chronic or wellness, we help design your care model and workflow to optimize outcomes and improve value for you and your patients. We offer expert consulting to help jump start your transition to value-based care. Low cost, low commitment, big results.  




PinpointCare's care coordination solutions are used by purveyors of bundled payments to connect and unite a provider’s entire acute and post-acute care network over the course of a bundle or episode. Our platform and mobile apps are secure, cloud-based, engineered for speed, and designed for simplicity. Personalize care plans, monitor patients, and communicate with your network seamlessly, whether you're on your desktop or mobile device.


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We will help you harness the power of your network for even better results. We can assist you in creating preferred PAC partnerships, defining goals, allocating responsibilities, and selecting process metrics to track engagement and compliance of the PAC network. We also help you find the right gain-sharing agreement with surgeons and other providers.


monitoring your

Transitioning to value-based care is a process, and we're here to help every step of the way. Our services include proactive monitoring to ensure protocol compliance, performance scorecards for surgeons and PAC providers, updates about your progress, and personalized opportunities for improvement.



Value works best when physicians are engaged in the program.

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Value-based care initiatives struggle to succeed without physician buy-in. We provide easy to use tools to keep physicians engaged with the program, providing the financial and clinical information they need without adding to technology burnout.


View Financial
At a Glance

We understand that physicians want to spend more time with patients and less time using technology, so we designed our physician tools to be simple, quick, and intuitive. Our mobile app displays only the information physicians need, surfacing key financial information such as savings per patient and target price.


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Risk SCore and
Care Plans


Physicians need to know when a patient is high-risk so they can provide the right kind of care. In PinpointCare's mobile app, physicians can see their upcoming or current patients at a glance, including patient risk scores, without wasting time searching through the EMR. 


Set Goals


Physicians are partners and should know how they are being evaluated. Scorecards show them and you how they are performing compared to competitors and to past performance. We like to track measures such as episode initiation and utilization, readmissions, and expected versus target price, but you can customize your scorecards to track the measures you care about most.